A Journey’s Start

This morning I went on a quick bike ride. It was a beautiful, 61 degrees when I left. Not too many trees have began to turn colors, but walnut trees have dropped their walnut “pods” as I call them. They are these almost tennis-ball sized road hazards for cyclists. I had fortunately did not have an accident. As I returned home, my fear that I had a slow leak in my rear tire was confirmed. As someone not well-versed at bike maintenance, I pulled up youtube videos, because although I can change my bike tube and put the tire back on, I really cannot put my rear wheel back on.

I think that will probably change as I begin my journey with Illini 4000. I am so excited to be apart of these team and I cannot wait to get to know my new teammates. So with that, I’ve got 8 months. 8 months to learn how to efficiently put my rear wheel back on my bike. 8 months learn about the cancer experience. 8 months to learn how to blog so someone would actually want to read it. 8 months to raise money for a cause I feel so strongly about. 8 months until the real journey begins.

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  • gdeetjen gdeetjen says:

    I’m so excited for you!!!! And yeah, getting a rear wheel on can be rough. It’s a talent I’m sure you’ll hone throughout the summer. Also, doing that without slathering chain grease all over every part of your body.

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