Day 70

Ten weeks ago, we set out upon an epic journey. We left Central Park with intentions of reaching the Golden Gate Bridge. Then we stopped at In-N-Out Burger. For the last real ride day, David Walder’s parents bought us all lunch, and it was fabulous to not eat peanut butter and jelly! In the blissful ignorance of not caring about time, we stayed awhile at the restaurant. It had finally warmed up when the sun came out for the second half of the ride, which was a bit hillier, but nothing we can’t conquer after the past 2.5 months. We rode along with a cycling race today, which was weird. In past ride days, we’ve ridden in the opposite direction, but riding with the racers was really racy riding.

Anne dedicated the ride to several family friends who had cancer. We arrived in San Anselmo early today, at the First Presbyterian Church. Marissa’s parents bought us Thai food for dinner, and it was fabulous to not eat spaghetti and lentils. We also had showers and laundry at the stayover. There was a final meeting, which lasted awhile, but we brought up some very worthwhile ideas for future improvements of the organization.

So, tomorrow we are riding to San Francisco. This is it… The bridge. Here are the We are going to be crossing the Golden Gate Bridge by 10:00, then the team will go to Baker Beach for photos at the Pacific Ocean. The reception party will be at West Bluff Amphitheater picnic area of Crissy Field. Our team will arrive at 11:00 at the field. The parking lot is at the west end of Mason Street. If you are planning to join us in this celebration, you can find out more here.

Crazy sock day!

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