Day 64

We are in California! Yesterday for our last full day in Oregon, we stayed at The Ledge, an outdoor shop with a rock climbing gym called The Yeti’s Lair. It is a really cool place to hang out and quite possibly the stayover in which we had the most fun. We were able to climb and get gear rentals for free during the two days we spent in Klamath Falls. It was a really chill rest day, seeing as it was also our last. We all got to sleep in on the squishy floor mats, and then we went about exploring the city. Fortunately, it was Saturday, so we could go to the farmers market. There we found lots of tasty treats, fruits, and vegetables. A few people we met also donated to our cause. The rest of the day, we explored, visited Grocery Outlet Bargain Market, and did team laundry. Then it was time for the I4Kristmas Secret Santa gift exchange! The gifts were primarily hilarious and also sometimes useful. Happy Boxing Day!

This morning, we got up at 5:45 for the first time in a long while. It helped to have a playlist of songs about California going to remind us of the fun to come. Breakfast was milk and cereal, a tasty treat compared with the oatmeal we typically eat. Mike, the owner of The Yeti’s Lair, dedicated today’s ride to his friend Craig, who passed away last week from lung cancer. He also has several other friends and family who are currently battling cancer. Then we biked to and took a group photo at Dutch Brothers, a coffee place down the block we visited many times while in Klamath Falls. Mike kindly bought us all coffee for the duration of our stay, and Dutch Brothers provided a discount for him too. Then we left our final Oregon stayover and headed towards the California border.

Several days ago, halfway though the ride day, the hazy outline of a snow-capped mountain appeared among the bluish foothills. The mountain appeared far away, but little did we know it was over 100 miles away. Today, Mount Shasta was our North Star. As we approached the 14,180-foot high peak, we rolled into California at mile 17. What an amazing feeling, to finally be in our 16th and final state! Emotions were running high as we entered an extraordinarily gorgeous state, the one in which we will finally reach the Pacific Ocean.

The ride was beautiful today. It involved 3,000 feet of climbing, and also a whole lot of long descents as well. We approached the mountain, then skirted it – thank goodness the road doesn’t go over the mountain! Despite being 82 miles, time passed quickly with the scenery. We stopped for food in the town of Weed and ended the day in Mount Shasta, CA. We are now at Hope Community Church. Dinner was bow-tie pasta, and our favorite: lentils, which we haven’t had since Bend.

BY THE WAY we hit 4,000 miles today!!!

We have been featured in the Bend TV news channel! Click here to see it.

We have arrived! California and 4,000 miles today!

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