Day 62

Merry I4Kristmas! Today’s ride was dedicated to friends of Walder’s mother. Bevin is currently in hospice care for breast cancer, and her husband Rich has been with her every step of the way. It was a perfect day to sleep in because we had a short ride day. We woke up at 7:45, which was wonderful.

The ride was 55 miles, mostly downhill then flat, into Klamath Falls. Here we are in Klamath Falls, after our last full ride day in Oregon. We are at a rock climbing gym called The Ledge! They were very welcoming to us, and friends of the gym baked us chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. This place has a shower, and the floor is made of crash pads (basically mattresses) for us to crash on tonight. Some I4K alumni sent us a package of letters! It was a complete surprise to us riders to receive personalized letters from the previous riders, and was encouraging. We went out to dinner at various places including The Creamery. It’s a good night to explore everything Klamath Falls has to offer. Tomorrow is our last rest day, so there will be no Day 63 blog.

The team with the owners of The Ledge rock wall. :)

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