Day 58

We woke up after camping in John Day, Oregon.  Ryan dedicated the ride today to his aunt, Christine, who passed away from her battle with aggravated cellular lymphoma.

We re-entered the desert today after passing through the Malheur National Forest.  We were sad to leave the beautiful shade of the trees, but some clouds covered us for the rest of the day.  Early on, we encountered some other cyclists traveling across the United States.  Esther Tacke and Warren Sanders have been touring various countries for 4 years.  Their blog can be found here.  They too were riding from John Day to the tiny town of Paulina, to avoid the forest fires in Ochoco National Forest – the place where our campsite burned down.

We climbed a lot today, over the course of the 81-mile day.  Upon arriving at Kurt’s General Store, we got the keys to Paulina School, home of the Buckaroos.  We are grateful to the town for hosting us so last-minute.

Shiqi and Eric with our traveling friends from Scotland.

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