Day 55

We are back on the road again! It’s always a bit difficult getting out of rest day stayovers. Our gear was scattered everywhere, but we managed to throw everything together to roll out of Boise. Josh has lately been fulfilling his roll as the Onion Master by reading a comical headline from The Onion “news” source.

Today we rode for the numerous people that we met here in Boise and surrounding areas:

  • Amaya’s dad, Mike, who is battling melanoma
  • Jane and Erin who are in the final stages of their treatments for breast cancer
  • Gerry’s mom, Dorothy, a breast cancer survivor and mother of eight as well as Gerry’s friend Patrick, a Purple Heart veteran who died of lymphoma
  • Jeff’s sister and daughter who both had breast cancer
  • Leisa’s mother, Maragaret, who passed away of pancreatic and liver cancer
  • Dave’s brother, Larry, who recently died of lung cancer and his sister, Joyce, who is currently fighting stage 4 lung and liver cancer
  • All the patients, family, staff, doctors, and researchers at Saint Alphonsus Cancer Care Center that are together in the day-to-day battle again cancer

Idaho seems to have a tendency to grow random crops everywhere, from sugar beets and seed corn to mint and wheat. We observed these colorful fields of crops as we rode through the flat state on nice roads. We arrived early in Ontario, Oregon (15th state!), so we hung out at fast food restaurants and Dairy Queen until 3:00. We are at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church. Unfortunately, the state of Oregon is on fire. The wildfires are so bad we had to change our route. It isn’t anyone’s fault but we all have to work together to figure out a solution. So we had a logistics powwow, which may have involved cookies (frosted animal crackers) and chocolate. More details coming soon on the route solution we reached.

We made spaghetti in the kitchen for dinner; it’s not too bad because it’s been awhile since we made our own dinner anyways. Tonight, some went to Baskin Robins and others might watch Pitch Perfect… again. The team may or may not be irrationally obsessed with that movie.

What it looks like when one group passes another on country roads!

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