Day 50

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church made us casseroles, hash browns, and other yummy food for breakfast. The ride was dedicated to Nancy who has been continuously battling carcinoid cancer for the last eight years.

Today we rode on the Oregon trail, and nobody died of dysentery! After traveling the 20 miles through a desert of nothingness, we have a lot of respect for the early pioneers. We began to wonder if the wandering path of nothingness was actually just a Möbius strip, intended to trap us forever. Yet we flew with tailwinds and had a relatively short day compared to yesterday. Also, we passed by Massacre Rocks and Register Rock. The story behind the rocks is that people on the Oregon Trail carved their names into the Register Rock, and there were engravings as old as 1840. Team Cruise to Cup made it quickly to Rupert for the World Cup final at 1:00. Germany won… We have mixed feelings about that.

Here we are at Trinity Lutheran Church, a homey place in a small town. We had so much more time than yesterday to hang out and enjoy the town. A Latino festival was going on in the square, including cultural dances and homemade food stands. The church provided dinner of lasagna and wonderful salad for us, then we went to the junior high to shower.

Riders dressed as pioneers at Massacre Rocks State Park!

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