Day 48

News flash: today we hit 3,000 miles!

This morning we left St. Catherine Newman Center in Salt Lake City. There were still some Chobani yogurts from the Damon Runyon event yesterday, as we as some other donated food for breakfast. Letterpress Central, which Ryan’s aunt owns, gave care packages including really cool post cards to all the riders, as well as brownies and cookies. The ride today was dedicated to Patty, the aunt of Leah, who Blake met yesterday at FedEx. Patty battled stomach cancer.

The first half of the ride was on a beautiful paved bike trail, along the path of which we found a dog agility show and trees laden with apricots. Later we were on a normal road and ended up stopping at several 7-Elevens for free slurpies – today is 7/11. We definitely had tailwinds today and not much climbing, which made for a decent 73-mile ride to Honeyville. We were unsuccessful in finding a host church in Logan, Utah, so our destination changed to a bustling campground called Crystal Hot Springs. When we arrived, there were pools and slides. We got in for a discount, and set up our 5 tents. As most of the team was swimming, playing sharks and minnows, a few of our tents tried to blow away in sudden gusts of wind. We salvaged what we could from the strong wind, and started dinner. Spaghetti is the best thing at the end of a long day of cycling. Here it’s pretty noisy with our camping neighbors partying it up, but hopefully everyone is able to sleep!

Christy drove today. Here she is pictured heroically cleaning off the filthy front of our silver bullet.

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  • Grace, would you remember a good friend of mine, Sue Mejer,
    from our church, Bethel Lutheran, who has had two bouts with
    cancer and treatments, and who prays daily for your
    mom’s recovery. and I would like to add, that Kim’s name on
    Bethel’s prayer list remains where the entire congregation
    has and is praying for her. Love, Grandma Jan

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