Day 46

We woke up to a fabulous mountain view, although the people who slept outside got rained on a bit last night. Mountainview Fellowship provided yogurt and a tasty strawberry granola for breakfast. The ride today was dedicated to Momma Gross, a survivor of lymphoma, and her boss, Brent, who is battling pancreatic cancer. We heard their stories yesterday at the Daniels Summit Lodge General Store.

The ride was another climb today, this time into the Wasatch Mountains. At least we had few headwinds, and even a semblance of a tailwind at some points. However, it was extremely hot and we were all ridiculously sweaty from the climbs. The first stop was in Park City, where we came across part of the Winter Olympics from 2002: the awards podium. It was fun to pose on that, then we headed off to a gas station down the road a bit. Utah means business when it comes to Clif bars, so Josh, Kathleen, Grace, and Blake had a tasting bonanza with 7 rare bars, including some nearly-expired seasonal ones. That was an entertaining thing for teammates to observe and join in on. Then some groups stopped at Taco Bell before continued climbing until we reached the summit. The rest of the ride was steep downhills on I-80, which is the first rare occasion for our team to be riding on an interstate.

We all ended up at the Saint Catherine Newman Center at University of Utah. They have showers and they also provided mattresses for all of us. The team split up since it is a rest day tomorrow. Many people took naps, and a few went to the bike shop. Team laundry was done, and then a number of us went to the Pie Pizzeria, a unique pizza place, as well as UGURT for frozen yogurt. Some people explored the town by bike and other riders walked around the university campus. We are happy to sleep in tomorrow, on our luxurious mattresses!

Illini 4000 winning our way across the country!

Clif bar tasting party!

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