Day 45

It was still dark at 4:45 for our early wake-up, and the sun slowly made it’s way to the horizon. We seem to have oatmeal issues often and today it was that we ran out of propane while the water was lukewarm and not yet boiling. Still, breakfast went on with warm-ish oats in water, and the sun rose. Today’s ride was dedicated to a boy who passed away at age 2 from cancer.

The ride was mostly uphill for 55 miles, and then we made it to lunch at Daniels Summit, 8,020 feet. A wonderful general store was situated at the lodge at the top. There, we met Diane, who is a survivor of lymphoma. She was incredibly kind to our team, as were all the people we met in the shop. Everyone was so interested to hear about our trip. Then we had a great descent into Hebert City where we arrived at Mountain View Fellowship, a homey church with yes, an incredible mountain view… Because it was a house before it became a church.

Here the church donated hamburgers, hotdogs, and buns for us to grill tonight. Ryan was the grill master and also grilled up a pineapple Grace got for the team. Aaron, a worship leader from Idaho, was visiting the church too and came with some of us to Dairy Keen for delicious milkshakes. Some of us are sleeping outside tonight because it’s so nice out.

Highlight of the day: Walder holding up Alex Massey at sunrise to the soundtrack of Lion King.

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