Entering the Final 3rd of I4k

At this point I believe we are two thirds done with the ride. In mileage and in days we are only halfway, but I call Fort Collins 2/3. We had about 20 days before Chicago, making that the first mental hurdle to surpass. Now we had just under 20 from Chicago to the end of our rest days in Fort Collins, which I have just now dubbed the “farm hurdle.” From here on out, we have about 30 days, but its the final 30 days and 30 days of awesome mountain riding. Has it gone by fast? I couldn’t tell ya. Last I knew I was crossing the George Washington Bridge with 20 Clif Bars in my bag. I pedaled a couple times and found myself riding up to the bean with 1 clif bar in my bag. Then we left Chicago and I had 20 more clif bars. I woke up this morning and now I have 0 clif bars. Clif Bars are how I keep track of time. They also signify how tired I am. I finished my last one this morning, rode 55 miles, and now I can not move from my parents hotel room bed. That is where I am right now. I will not move until there are 20 more clif bars in my bag. At that point we will head West for more adventure. Golden Gate, Ill see ya in 20 Clif Bars!!


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  • Sue Hausner says:

    Love the blog. Wish I had some of those Cliff bars to give me energy, but wish more that I had a big hug from you. Love ya,

  • gdeetjen gdeetjen says:

    That video is SO josh. and so hardcore.

  • Sean Sean says:

    Keeping time with cliff bars. I’m not quite sure that’s the best idea…

  • Shiqi Fu Shiqi Fu says:

    woooooowwwww!!!! CLIFFFF BARRRRRR

  • Joseph Lee says:

    this made me laugh! man that’s awesome. Good luck! Cliff bars rocks! It’s all about the white chocolate Macadamia nut!

  • lberger Liz Bar says:

    Great to read this before this summer’s ride begins. Cliff bars and the Welcome to the Grind Video.. Such a great combination!

  • Samantha Yadron says:

    Wow I really like this! Gunna make sure I have 20 Clif Bars when I roll out of NYC!

  • tsiu tsiu says:

    You sure love those Clif bars! It makes me really pumped to see what our team Clif bar total is gonna run this year!

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