Day 8

Today we all got some much needed rest by sleeping in. We all went our own various ways in the morning, including brunch and downtown adventures. From the Andy Warhol Museum to a state park tour, I4K was all over Pittsburgh today. We did communal laundry – an occasional necessity – then a bunch of us headed over to Costco for I4K groceries and pizza. Today was also a day for many of us to re-connect with the outside world, the family and friends we ride for. Now we’re all together and ready to conquer more hills tomorrow. A special thank you goes out to Eastminster Presbyterian for allowing us to use the gym space for 2 nights, and sleep in, even on a Sunday!

Sadly, Massey is leaving us tonight. He has been so kind to drive the van for us this past week, but now he has to return to the real world for a summer job. We have all been trying to convince him to stay with us for 8 more weeks, but to no avail. So, thank you Alex Massey… We’ll all miss your fun humor and the way your brighten everyone’s day! Now, we will all take turns driving the van and doing a horrible job of it. We’ll never be able to live up to the van-driving skills of the legendary Massey. He also is a professional Costco motorized cart driver, as shown below.

Tyler rolling out "Alex Massey," the beloved team mascot.

How does one explain how much Massey means to the 2014 Illini 4000 team? This much.

Fun at the state park tour!

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