Day 27

Today was a relaxing day without biking. Although some rest days have special events, all days off are a chance to catch up on sleeping. Despite our best intentions to sleep in, whole team was awake by 8:00 to get showers at North High School.  Many of us went to IHOP for brunch.  It’s interesting how much food our bodies can consume now that our metabolisms have completley adapted to an incredible amount of daily exercise… even on rest days!  The rest of the day was spent doing laundry, trips to Walmart, and bike cleaning.  A lot of bike maintenance was also done. Thanks to Champaign Cycle for sending necessary parts to Scheels!  Somehow, we managed to do Pizza Ranch round #2, and emerged from the restaurant right before a huge downpour came to Sioux City.  The storms out here have been amazing so far.  We have been extremely fortunate to avoid any issues with our team, but our thoughts are with all the towns in Nebraska affected by tornados, as well as the many people at risk for flooding.

Following dinner, it was time for the mid-ride vote on the positions of ride leader. According to Illini 4000 bylaws, halfway through the ride, new ride leaders are chosen by team vote. We unanimously chose Alex Massey (our team corgi mascot) and Massey (our favorite person in Illinois) as the new leaders. Haha, just kidding. We have such a great team dynamic that we ended up re-electing Connor and David because they do an excellent job. At our team meetings, we also bring up issues we can improve upon and discuss chores among the group. We get to ride our bicycles tomorrow! Good night; love you all!

Connor and David, our fearless leaders!

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