Day 26

It was another late day today. We waited for pouring rain to end for a half hour, chilling in the basement of the Storm Lake UMC where there are couches, ping pong, fusbol, and a pool table. The church also provided a tasty breakfast of scrambled eggs and pancakes. The ride was dedicated to Edward from yesterday’s portrait. He is such an optimistic inspiration to us all. Edward said, “75 is the average age. Since I’m older than 75, I wake up each morning and thank God for the bonus day.”

We thought we would be rained on, but again we were blessed with clear skies. Unfortunately, the van needed a tire change midday, and we got towed to Cherokee. Anne and Kevin took one for the team and worked with Stan from AAA to get to Hartley Country Tire and Service. It happened to be Customer Appreciation Day, so there was free food too! Kindly they gave us a discount on the tires! For the rest of the team, there was a crushing combination of hills (we’ve had so many days of flat that this felt quite difficult) and headwinds. It was only 66 miles of riding but it felt like forever. During today’s ride, we got a portrait from JoAnn who generously offered water to several of our teams as we walked by! Her husband had prostate cancer.

Upon arriving in Sioux City, we went to the First Congregational United Church. We recorded another portrait from Susan who is a survivor of breast cancer. The group split up to various restaurants after much deliberation, including Pizza Ranch, an Iowa specialty. We are so happy to have arrived at our third rest day; our bodies need it.

Beautiful Iowa countryside

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