Day 23

This morning began with a great breakfast from St. Luke’s UMC. The ride was dedicated by Grace to her mother who is a survivor of lymphoma. She has been in remission for a year!

It’s been one of those days that wasn’t supposed to be a century… but became several miles more than 95 due to detours. Today’s ride was the opposite of yesterday’s ride because it started off with serious rolling hills and a headwind. We took a small side-route to the Field of Dreams movie site. There was some concern at that point because we had ridden only 30 miles and it already afternoon and we were tired. However, after a lunch stop, the weather brought us a strong tail-y crosswind. We arrived earlier than expected at First Congregational United Church of Christ, to shower. Dinner was I4K-special: spaghetti and lentils.

Fun fact of the day: there was a tornado warning overhead, but now it’s over! Also, we’re sleeping in the basement. Fun fact number 2: I4K has never been to Iowa! New Illini 4000 state!

Lots of fun at the Field of Dreams!

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  • evolkman Erik says:

    In 2010 we stopped at the Three Corners intersection of South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa, but I do believe this year is the first year we’ve had a stayover in the state.

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