Day 21

Day 21… We have been riding for 3 weeks now! Zion Lutheran Church made us a fantastic breakfast of egg casseroles including bacon and other wonderful things. As we were leaving, we were given teal and white cervical cancer remembrance bracelets that have hope, faith, and love written on them. They were donated by Kelly, Dave, and Karen, a family who shared their story with us last night, as our 10th portrait for this year’s ride. Kelly has been cancer-free for 5 years! Today’s ride was dedicated to her.

It was a shorter ride day: only 49 miles. We took one rest stop in the middle of some corn fields, and ate the cookies donated by the church in Elgin. We arrived early in the afternoon at Christian Life School in Rockford. We got a tour of the school and adjoined Rockford First Church. They so kindly provided us pulled pork sandwiches and veggies for lunch. We then chilled out for awhile and Connor’s parents came to bring us Giordano’s pizza. We are so grateful to them for bringing dinner! After a movie, we got to sleep because we have our second century as a team tomorrow!

This is what a rest stop looks like!

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