Day 16

We left the college town of Champaign this morning with a bunch of friends! The ride dedication today was for a woman who had been recently diagnosed with a melanoma and after receiving treatment, is doing better. We wish her well on her recovery.

A number of people joined us for 18 miles on a ride-along, including supporters from Champaign Cycle, alumni I4K-ers, and future riders. What a beautiful day! Isalia’s parents provided lunch meat, delicious toppings, and sub bread for the most “real” sandwiches we’ve ever eaten on this trip! Around that time, we also crossed paths with Keegan Costello, who is several months into a journey around the world. He rode with us for a time and you can find out more about his trip on Facebook.

The relaxed 65-mile ride was mainly tailwinds and sunny skies, and ended with Dairy Queen, then Zion Lutheran Church in Clifton, IL. Some of the most wonderful food ever (don’t I say that every day!?) was provided by this church for dinner. Grace’s grandmother, Marilyn, brought copious amounts of home-grown strawberries and also shared a portrait about her experiences as a caregiver for family and friends who have battled cancer, as a Registered Nurse. Additionally, we had the chance to swim and shower at Centennial Pool, which was fun! Soon we will arrive in Chicago. Thank you all for your continued support!

Riders at a rest stop along with the puppy of the passer-by who kindly took the photo!

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