Day 14

Oh man, we’ve been riding bikes for two weeks! We left Indy this morning with cereal in our tummies, for a 68.5-mile ride to Rockville, Indiana. Around mile 30 in North Salem, we picked up three additional riders: Pastor Dave Marty and his friends Ed Roach and Dr. Steven Waltz (Doc). It was a pleasure to be able to ride with people from outside our team for a day. In that town, we collected a portrait of Linda Miller who was a caregiver of numerous family members with cancer. We ended up eating peanut butter and jelly on the side of the road in the midst of a cottonwood fluff storm.

We arrived at Rockville United Methodist around 2:00. Several people headed over to a pool party at Doc’s house, while others showered and went to the local car show and candy shop. The church kindly provided the best dinner ever, including Italian beef, pulled pork, and macaroni and cheese. We had a team meeting and then Randy from the church presented to each of us awesome goody bags full of delicious snacks! The amount of love shown to us by this church is greatly appreciated! Later in the evening, we collected three more portraits and danced in the street at the car show. It was a fabulous day thanks to our wonderful stay at Rockville United Methodist Church!

Randy from Rockville First United Methodist Church with the team!

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  • Keep on riding for a great cause!

  • dan thuente says:

    Grace, & all your fellow riders,
    I am so amazed at your adventure. Talking about it is one thing. Reading about it is something else (very inspiring by the way!). I can’t even imagine actually doing it. My thoughts & prayers are with you all. Maybe I will see you in Chicago.

  • We have a long term friend who is on hospice and is dying of rectile cancer his wife died of the sqme diese some years ago, it just witness of the vital role you are pursuing to help find a cure. Our prayers remain with you.

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