A Month in Review

We have been sitting on the saddle of our bikes for one month now.   On May 25th we left Central Park in New York to head to New Jersey then ultimately San Fransico.   To be honest,  I don’t remember much of this trip.   Every day on this trip is filled with its own memory,  but they have all blended together at this point.   I remember that the Appalachians were difficult,  but remembering the day itself is not possible.   I have pictures to remember each day,  but I’ve been taking each day at a time,  not thinking about the future,  and not recalling the past.  This trip has felt like a lifetime but also it feels like it is going by in a blink of an eye.

This month has been filled with some hard ddays, days where you don’t want to ride, but it has been the most amazing experience so far.   The scenery has been amazing,  but the best part of this trip has been the people.   With all the negative media attention towards the world being so corrupt, evil,  and self-serving, this trip has shown me the best parts of humanity.   I have met the nicest people on this trip,  people offering us their home for sleep, their food to eat, and their time to spare.   They have been so kind to us, offering us donations,  sharing their stories,  letting us sit in their yard and relaxing before we move on to our next location all to help fight cancer.   We have not kept up with the news, we are isolated,  so we only can see the kindness that these complete strangers show to us.  Moreover, the team.   I could not imagine riding through the USA with anyone else.   It’s amazing how a group of people from all different backgrounds and personalities can get together and just become some of the best friends I have had.


We have around another month left of this trip.   I am physically exhausted,  but I don’t want it to end.

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  • Cindy Iverson says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Great post! Keep taking photos each day and maybe add a word or two that sums up the day so all the days won’t blur together. Another idea is to snap pics of signage as you ride thru towns or along the road because as you know, graphic design constantly changes and it’s a great way to capture a moment in time. Cheers!

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