Day of Travel

We have arrived. At the start of it all is New York City, the Big Apple, the East Coast. It took 23 hours on a train (or less hours in a van for 3 of our members), but we have made it to our first ever stayover, St. Paul and St. Andrew United Methodist Church. Thanks to their kindness, we are cozy in couches and carpeted floors, and had the chance to shower.

Really today was just a day of cabin fever for most. We’re all excited and ready to do what we came to do: ride bicycles. And so after a long train ride including games, sleeping, snacks, and more sleeping, we were in the station, unpacking those wonderful bikes. We are a late dinner – New York pizza for some!

Throughout today, many of us had the chance to tell people met about Illini 4000, including train conductors/engineers, fellow train passengers, and random New York residents in pizzerias. We are all beginning to see what it’s like to tell others about I4K outside of the bubble of Champaign and the suburbs – it’s really quite exciting! That’s all for now; good night! Oh and I forgot to mention, it’s day -1!

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  • Susan Hausner says:

    I’m Josh Weisberg’s grandmother and I’m so proud of you all. I wish safe travels throughout this exciting journey. Do be careful and be happy. You’re doing a wonderful thing to help people and you deserve the best!

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