Day 4

Pennsylvania brought to our team the first mountain of the trip! Cycling for Kevin’s uncle who is currently battling cancer, we rode from Lancaster to Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. We rode across bridges on Lincoln highway, the first cross-country road in the history of the US – fun fact from Anne. In 79 miles, we climbed 3,000 feet, a number which has continually increased since the first day. Climbing hills and mountains is hard, but it reminds us of the people we ride for: those who cannot.

For lunch we stopped at the Wild Hog BBQ in East Berlin, which we’ve all decided is the best BBQ in the state of Pennsylvania! A special thanks to them for kindly providing a box of granola bars. Some other places we enjoyed today were Maple Donuts and a winery at the top of the mountain (where pretty much everyone collapsed and took a long break). Reid’s Orchard and Winery gave us a box of cold Pink Lady apples and water! Thanks so much to everyone who helps us along the way.

Today’s ride went really smoothly and according to plan, without getting lost, which was great! We arrived at Zion Reform Church sore and ready to conquer more mountains tomorrow!

Happy I4K team with our cold, fresh apples - the perfect mountaintop treat!

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  • msoltys Matthew Sotlys says:

    So one thing i have noticed is these pictures are HUGE if you click on them… With such great detail i noticed that one rider has a scrap on her leg. Was it from falling on philys horrible train tracks?

  • Cindy Iverson says:

    Just wanted to say “Good Job!” to whoever is writing the blog!

  • gdeetjen gdeetjen says:

    Thank you! I write the blog :) it’s a lot of fun!!!

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