Why I ride?

Why I ride?

It is such a simple question, but one to which I seem the answers to be never ending. Distilling it to the purest form, I ride to fight for everything I hold dear and can be summed up in two simple four letter words: HOPE and LOVE. I ride to support hope (through raising awareness and fundraising for new research efforts) that someday that the diagnosis and successful treatment of cancer will be common day practice and the pain and heartache that it caused will be fleeting distant memory something that we only read in history books. I ride to bring hope to close family members and friends that are currently battling (or have battled) this terrible disease, so that they know that they are not alone, we are all connected and that only together we can provide the needed support to weather the storm. I ride to bring hope and love to those that have lost their way and save precious friendships that are priceless. I fight to restore my hope in humanity, because a world in which noble pursuits, commitments, and selfless acts of kindness and compassion are not done is a world that I cannot fathom to live in. Lastly, I ride to better myself to always remember what is truly important in life and to never lose sight of it.


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  • Candice Resweber says:

    More people should be like you and the way you think things through. Your thought process for the way you live is the way everyone should be. Very well written Blake.

  • Susan Testroet-Bergeron says:

    Looks like you are riding for all the right reasons. Hang in there.

  • Pat Stuntz says:

    What a wonderful blog !! We are thinking of you Blake and excited for you on this great adventure. Take care of yourself and hang in there. We will keep you and all of the riders in our prayers.

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