This life.

This is one of those times I just need to write.

My mind is very busy tonight. Yesterday we had quite an intense training which left my legs shaky and my stomach a little sick. It was tough and it was great. We also had the chance to do a practice Portrait of Connor. It was a good taste of what’s to come – it’s hard to describe the feeling of listening to a cancer story. Tonight I had a lengthy discussion with friends about history and theories and cultures and religions.

Sometimes I just wonder about it all. Day by day we go about life, working hard or staying on the couch or debating and discussing or learning or playing or traveling and exploring. After each sunrise and sunset, each hour and minute of every day, new things can happen, and it’s all up to us. What we create and the knowledge we soak in and the people we love and interact with – it’s all there each day awaiting us.

I don’t want to take that for granted. No matter who you are or what successes you’ve had or what challenges you’re facing or how you think your life has been or where it’s headed…forget all of that. We’ve got this one life (that we know of) and it’s here and it’s today. It’s ours for the taking and we should cherish it. If my experiences with cancer have made me realize anything it’s that your time is unknown and your life can be unexpected. But just being alive is a gift. No matter the time we’re given, it’s beautiful. I try not to forget that in the times that I doubt or am fearful or think my life has hit a wall.

You may have seen this video as it has been popular the last few days, but I want to share it here. I could quote many of its lines, but I’ll quote the last: “You’re awake. You’re awesome. Live like it.”

P.S. I’m glad you’re here.

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