Missing My Bike During Break

People tell me I am obsessed with my bike.  It may be true, but come on, I’ve been waiting for this day for 3 years.  Ever since I rode my Dad’s 1981 Trek with crank shifters and a rattling cage on the back wheel in my first triathlon, I’ve been begging him for a new bike.  It was kind of fun when I would pass a $7000 bike in a race on my rattling piece of junk, but I was very rarely the one doing the passing.  Now after 1095 days of waiting, I finally have a bike I can call my own, and she’s a beauty.  So if I post 7 pictures on Facebook, and lock her up with 3 different “kryptonite” locks inside of my room, who can really blame me?  Originally I had her just standing behind the couch in my room, but for 3 days in a row I sat in Physics 213 texting my roommate back and forth, paranoid that one of us forgot to lock our door.  So on the fourth day, I went to the campus lock store and bought a bike chain.  Unfortunately, the only thing to lock a bike to in my room is the bed, which is on the opposite side of the room.  So we have a cable around the bike, which is locked to another cable, which stretches all the way to the bed and locks to the frame.  Maybe this is overkill, but it’s justified after 156 weeks of anticipation.  The only problem is, I can’t get homework done in my room anymore, because I just love to look at her.

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