You learn something new every day

Before joining the Illini 4000 team and becoming knowledgeable about all the various cancers through team presentations, I would see the pink ribbons and instantly associate it with breast cancer awareness.  However, I was completely naive to the fact that each form of cancer has its own color associated for it. See image below from a PDF via the Relay for Life website: (link to printable PDF)


What a surprise, and how true this statement is “You learn something every day if you pay attention“. ~Ray LeBlond

It is odd how one tiny seed of information can have such a profound impact on your entire perspective.  I will definitely keep these colors in mind and try to incorporate them in various ways as I prepare for the ride (say tuned…).


Also, is it just me, but I find it very strange that I  do not see more Lavendar colored ribbons everywhere and in conjunction with the specific form of cancer at various events. Perhaps because I was not aware, I was blind to the fact. From now on, I will definitely take note and be more observant of  interconnections in our world. Fellow “Culture of Man” course alumni at the Univeristy of Louisiana, Dr. Patricia K. Rickels, and Dr. John R. Meriwether should be proud :)

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