Hey friends!  This is going to be a short post, since it’s just my first one and I suppose it’s rather late at night.  But I would like to convey to you the incredible, overwhelming gratitude I feel right now at the ways God has blessed me in the past week.

First of all, it is simply enough to say that I am able to go on this trip, that I am financially and physically able to be a part of this journey, this insane undertaking at which so many marvel.  People don’t believe me at first.  Sometimes they think I’m lying and that I could not possibly use a bicycle to travel from sea to shining sea.  But they are wrong; it is possible.  I have yet to comprehend the magnitude and greatness of this country, but I’m sure it will hit me once we begin.

I would also like to give an update on fundraising.  Last week was a huge push for reaching $2000.  As some of you may be aware, there are checkpoints, and I was trying with all my might to tell people about the trip and send out letters and sell cookies.  But I discovered that my might was not enough.  I sell cookies in my classes and outside of sporting events, but when I add it all up, the best time to fundraise is 11pm-2am Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  That’s not easy.  As I wandered the well-lit Green Street with a box of over a hundred cookies, it occurred to me time and time again to give up.  It is cold.  This is impossible, I would think.  About to head back, I’d talk to one more person, who would proceed to throw in $20.  It shocked me.  My God is a God of impossible things, and He is my strength.  He gave me courage (I’m not typically super-duper outgoing with sketchy strangers!) to talk to the people who seemed to have the least promise.  And in one day, I raised $320, including an older man with a cane who took a cookie and dropped $40 into the can.  Near tears, I realized how blessed I am!  He has given me the weighty responsibility to “provide opportunities for people to be good stewards in distributing the resources entrusted to them.”  Found that quote on a site that talks about how to have the right perspective on fundraising.  One more thing… I am trying my best to avoid saying “We can do this!” but rather “God show me the way.”

So it seems a fitting title to my first blog post: blessed.  He has taken my fears and swept them away.  I am so hopeful and excited for the rest of the semester, that I can blow past these monetary goals and bless others in a way that He has blessed me.

Love, Grace.

P.S: I bought a bike on Saturday! <3  (more info coming soon!!)

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