99 Days – Down to Double Digits

Countdown Town

Yesterday marked exactly 100 days until we leave New York on our first ride day for Illini 4000. I like to live my life in anticipation of what’s about to happen next, so I’ve kept these types of countdowns for a while now.

Despite having such high expectations for these singular moments, a lot of times it’s the moments without a countdown that I remember most. For example, graduating high school was cool and all, but it’s not like anyone actually remembers the ceremony. We remember the stupid jokes we used to tell each other, how we used to stay after school just to hang out, and where we sat in the lunchroom as we gossiped about stuff that really doesn’t matter anymore.

The point is, while Illini 4000 is 99 days away, there are so many little things that will make getting there even better. And with that, here are my 10 To-Dos over the next hundred or so days.

1. Get a bike. I literally can’t get across the country unless I have one of these, and I have a feeling the hand-me-down sitting in my garage might not be the best choice.
2. Learn to ride safely. I would love to not get hit by a car this summer.
3. Ride Further. The furthest I’ve ridden a bike is around the Glen, past the Glenview Police Fortress, down Lake and back to my house. Considering we’ll be doing about 10x that amount a day, I think I’ll need to put in a few training rides. A couple maybe.
4. Buy all the accessories. If you think that its just a helmet, you’re wrong.
5. Finish my second half. After this, it’ll be like I’ve run a full marathon… in 2 parts… exactly a year apart.
6. Get straight-A’s. I’m really not taking that many classes. This really shouldn’t be too hard.
7. Go bowling in the Union. I feel like this is on some kind of classic U of I bucketlist. Someone come with me.
8. Pass 2 CPA exams. I should probably get around to studying for them too.
9. Graduate. What?!
10. Fundraise. Speaking of which, have you donated yet? If not, you should :)

Countdown or no countdown, before I know it, I’ll be hopping on a train to New York on the start of a crazy adventure. I’m sure there will be a lot of awkward/hilarious/exciting moments before then, but then again, that’s what this blog is for, and I’m excited to keep you all filled in :).

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  • ebutler ebutler says:

    Team training session at the Union?
    I think brushing up on our bowling skills is vital to our training.

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