100 days or so???

Right now I’m just sitting in my room doing some homework so don’t expect anything exciting from my inaugural blog post. Anyways, all I really wanted to say was “Thank you!” I want to thank my parents and brothers for their support.  I want to thank all of my donors, not matter how much you donated (If you still haven’t, donate now!). I want to thank the team for allowing me to be part of this amazing  group.

Besides plenty of fundraising, weekly meetings and training’s, there is not much to blog about from my point of view. It’s absolutely unbelievable that in 100 days or so 20 of us will be in New York City, ready to begin our journey across America. It would be pretty cool if we had a countdown until the trip on the homepage. Someone should do that. But, I digress. Clearly, as a team, we have bonded immensely and I’m excited for what’s to come in 100 days! That’s all I have to say about that. See you next blog post!


Freshman Extraordinaire,

Tyler “T-Bone” Levy



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