Wow Wyoming

After leaving Gillette, WY, we continued westward to Buffalo, WY. We met some amazing people there who fed us a great dinner and shared with us their stories about living with cancer.

We woke up the following morning to conquer the Big Horn Mountains. I was so nervous for the climb we had literally been talking about since Day 1. In 35 miles, we climbed over 4,000 feet of elevation. It was so difficult to keep the pedals moving at a slow average of 5-6 miles per hour. It was a slow morning, but when we finally made it to the peak of the mountain, we were greeted by Greg in a bear suit, peanut butter jelly sandwiches, cold winds, and a gorgeous view. We rested there and enjoyed our major accomplishment knowing the downhill soon awaited us.

At the top of the mountain, our arm warmers, leg warmers, jackets, and gloves went on, as we got ready to descend the mountain.  There were signs that warned of the 18 mile downhill and the grade of elevation loss. We were excited to say the least. The winding downhill was terrifying, but unbelievably beautiful. The surrounding canyon made for a gorgeous and relaxing ride after a tedious uphill. Finally, we arrived at our camp site for the night, showered in the creek, ate sandwiches, made smores, and enjoyed a night of no service or internet with the team.

From there, we headed to Greybull, Wyoming. It was a 57 mile ride, and it seemed to fly, considering it was a shorter ride in comparison to previous days. We really enjoyed the open road and tailwind. The following day was a similar 53 mile day that led us in to Cody, Wyoming.  I have heard so much about Cody the past few years, as it is the summer home of a professor of mine. Fortunately, while in Cody, I got to spend some time with that professor, Terri Russ, at one of her favorite local spots. After a great dinner and square dance lesson from the church, I headed to The Dollar to meet Terri and Jamie. I truly appreciated the support and generosity in showing me some Cody livin’ – such a memorable night!

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  • Dear Sarah,
    Your team filmed my friend Michael Adams during your stay in Ten Sleep Canyon, during the stage your blogged with the title “Wow Wyoming”. Michael passed away two months later. I wonder if you can help me find the video taken of him in the campground. His family and friends would like to see it, even if the sound quality is poor.
    Many thanks,

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