We are in Wyoming!

The past few days coming out of South Dakota and entering Wyoming have been unbelievable, both unbelievably beautiful and unbelievably hard. We had a great event day in Rapid City spent at our first campsite. It was certainly a 5 star campsite that came equipped with laundry services, showers, wifi, and a pool! Camping was surprisingly really great. Rapid City was certainly eventful, and the team really had a chance to bond while camping and reflecting on the trip so far.

We woke up early, packed the tent and headed out, embarking on our journey into the Black Hills. This ride was undoubtedly one of our hardest days yet. We climbed over mountains to get to Mount Rushmore. I was in awe of the climbs and the beautiful sites along the way up. The hills were hard to climb, but arriving at the top to see Mount Rushmore was amazing and made me forget about the whole climb. I am so glad I got to spend the day before Independence Day at a national monument reflecting on my cross-country journey. The ride was difficult and long, but I felt really accomplished at the end, being able to put one of the hardest rides of the trip behind me.


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