The Final Timezone

After arriving at the cusp of the pacific time zone, we found ourselves in quite an awe-inspiring moment. We had finally reached the last time zone in the United States after traversing over 3,200 miles. Changing time zones not only provided a much needed reprieve from early wakeups and sun-drenched days, but for some, it marked the beginning of the end of our journey. Most of us remember a sort of melancholy feeling passing over from Wendover, Utah to West Wendover, Nevada, especially after realizing that the next state up was California. Fortunately, we had some hard climbs in front of us that forced us to think about the present and not worry about the ride ending. We all got through the tough climbs though, and with a shorter day of 60 miles, all of the team made it into the stayover in Wells, Nevada early in the afternoon. Many of us spent our extra time working on our bikes, taking naps, and having picnics. We’re looking forward to a great downhill tomorrow, but you never know what the Nevada desert has in store for you.

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