Reflections on Wisconsin

I was pleasantly surprised by my time spent riding through Wisconsin. We started out in Lake Geneva, where we stayed right on the lake at a past rider’s house. The main street leading up to the lakehouse was beautiful. I certainly wish I had more time to spend shopping along the main street. Many of us watched the sunset over the lake after a long day of riding. I got to sleep in a bed and it was great.

After Lake Geneva, we headed up to Madison, where the the University of Wisconsin is. Madison is definitely one of my favorite cities we have traveled through so far. We rode in on some bike trails along the lakes looking upon the beautiful Capitol Building and stopped at an awesome bike shop.

The following days in Wisconsin, we stopped in Reedsburg and LaCrosse. The rides were mostly through farms and rolling green areas. As a team, we started playing a game called the cow game with lots of churches and cemeteries. It kept our mind off of the long rides. We were really impressed by all of the incredible bike trails, picturesque scenes of farms and rolling hills, great weather aside from some showers, and kind people.

I also had the opportunity to see family in LaCrosse and kayak the Mississippi River, which was quite difficult! I am glad I am biking all summer, rather than kayaking, like my friend, Sam. Overall, Wisconsin was awesome!


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