Onward into the land of potatoes

Even before it started, we knew today would be a long day. What we faced was the four-mile, 10% uphill on the Teton byway. Luckily, instead of dodging heavy traffic, there was a nicely paved bike trail for us to take. Local people told us it was the old Teton byway, which was then remodeled for cyclists. Climbing the hill was not going to be easy for us. According to many of our smartphones the ride was going to be particularly daunting. Fortunately, the climb did provide some spectacular views. The switchback path allowed us to view the landscape behind from all angles. Some groups also stopped at a beautiful pond halfway up. The ice cold water was very refreshing. After more than 2 strenuous hours and over 2000 feet of climbing we finally reached the top. The one benefit of a long climb is the easy descent that comes with as all the groups coasted into our first rest stop that had a surprise.
We would like to send our thanks out to the Victor Gateway Station, whose employees were kind enough to treat us to lunch. It was definitely a blessing to have a delicious lunch after climbing all morning. Idaho continued to surprise us throughout the day, not only with more hills to climb, but also with the generosity of strangers. Tonight the team’s stay over is at Calvary Baptist Church in Idaho Falls, where we were greeted not only with kindness, but also with a wonderful dinner! It was a great conclusion to a long and tiring day, and the whole team is already agreeing that Idaho is definitely a hidden gem in our country.

Overlooking Jackson, WY after our climb

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  • Tina Hines Brazas says:

    My son and I saw you all last week near a waterfall as we entered Yellowstone. I mentioned that I was from IL and moved to New York from Champaign where my husband went to graduate school. You all were a little too tired for small talk. I hope that your trip is a safe one! Thank you for raising awareness and money for cancer research!

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