Not Too Hot to Handle

We started the day off with the morning Mosher, where the team sat in a circle and gave the person to our right a back massage. On top of that, we had to tell the person who was sitting in front of us what we liked about them. Definitely a great way to start off our trip on Day 52! We rode out from crystal springs campground outside of Logan, and headed towards Salt Lake City. There, we will be having a day off from biking and will be hosted by one of our beneficiaries Damon Runyon at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. In comparison to the rides we did in the past week, our 75 mile ride was a breeze without any major headwinds and climbs and a beautiful bike trail. On the other hand, there was barely any breeze to cool us off on our way to Salt Lake City. As we head further out west, we have been hearing from people we meet along the way tell us of the extreme heat that we will be experiencing as we get closer to Nevada. That will probably mean more rest stops along the way while biking to keep ourselves hydrated in the scorching heat. In the meantime, the team is looking forward to having a well rested day in the city before continuing on our summer journey.

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