[Journal] Day 6; Event Day, Washington DC

“Living in dreams of yesterday, we find ourselves still dreaming of impossible future conquests.” – Charles A. Lindbergh


Once upon a time, an exchange student from S.Korea had a tour of East Coast of The U.S.. Out of all great attractions, there was one place he really wanted to visit in Washington DC. However, the tour schedule was mixed up and he had to postpone this opportunity ’til later days.

That exchange student is me, and the place I really wanted to visit was Air and Space Museum at Smithonian Institute.

I chose my major because of this one great film; October Sky. Based on Homer Hickam’s “Rocket Boys”, a non-fiction self portrait of a young boy who formed a group of his friends to build a rocket in late 1950s, October Sky changed my life dream into a different course. since the moon is already pioneered, my next destination is Mars, not just for an unmanned spacecraft and rover, but for human beings.

Air and Space Museum, therefore, was a ‘Must-Go’ place for me, and I finally got it off of my bucket list after 9 years of waiting. All my space heroes were brought closer to me, Lindbergh’s Spirit of St.Louis was waiting for me, and F-51 Mustang, one of the most accomplished propeller fighter in the history of Air Warfare and the first fighter plane Republic of Korea Air Force used during Korean War, simply told me how hard it is to defend freedom and protect one nation and its people.

When I switched my major from Mechanical Engineering to Aerospace Engineering, lots of people told me I am being silly. As an international student, the opportunity is nearly close to zero in Aerospace Engineering industry when it comes to an internship or a job. S.Korea’s aerospace technology is not quite there yet to provide a fundamental base to compete in international level, meaning the job opportunity is limited compared to other engineering fields, especially compared to Electrical/Electronic Engineering. Therefore, in practical perspective, I chose the path that is so narrow that almost nobody is willing to take.

However, I didn’t change my mind. Since high school exchange program I always have been dreaming of going to space. If there is no path possibly available, I thought I would be one creating that path. I truly believe if one believes in something, God will do the rest for you as long as your heart is truthfully oriented to the pureness of your dream. I4K confirms that personal statement. After all, tomorrow is another day, and each day it happens no matter how hard it is for us to finish.

Thanks to my family supporting my no matter what I am currently working on and dreaming of.

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