Hello California!

Well, the team has finally made it to our final state of the ride. It seems like just when we adjusted to the idea of biking across the country, our adventure is practically over. It is definitely a bittersweet feeling to be this close to our goal. We feel excited to almost be reunited with our friends and family, blessed to have met so many wonderful and supportive people, and proud to have accomplished such an amazing feat.

Our ride into California went well. Not only was the weather gorgeous, but the route was also full of breathtaking views. The majority of the ride was spent biking through valleys, so we were surrounded by towering mountains and winding rivers. But don’t be fooled, the route wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Biking through the valleys meant that we would eventually have to climb out of them towards South Lake Tahoe, and boy, did we climb. At times, it was difficult to find the motivation to climb a mountain, especially after having spent the day cruising in the valley. But knowing this was one of our final climbs of the ride, the team wanted to give this mountain everything we had. After all, there aren’t many chances in life to do what we do.

Once we showed that mountain who was boss, we were greeted by the beautiful Lake Tahoe. The team could not be more excited to spend our event day here! There is so much to do; from shopping, to swimming, to hiking, the team will have plenty to explore tomorrow. South Lake Tahoe is a great place to spend our first nights in California.


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