Goodbye Yellowstone but Hey Hello Grand Tetons

It was 5am in the morning, and it felt like 40 degrees outside. The team woke up before sunrise to get ready for this 95 mile day to Jackson, WY. Packing the van was more difficult in the darkness and the cold milk and cereal didn’t help to warm us up either. But when the sun finally came out, everything became shiny and happy again.

It’s hard not to make any stops in National Parks. Some of the group stopped by the general store for coffee in order to warm their bodies up. There we met Remy Terrier once again. He is a cyclist from France who is biking across America this summer. The team first met him on the way to Yellowstone. We were happy to see him and his recumbent bike and we exchanged a lot of experiences about cycling.

Biking in the Yellowstone is not an easy task. The narrow shoulder and crazy RV drivers made us nervous. It has been a while for us to be so concerned about traffic since the flat land of South Dakota and Wyoming. But we all made it through the chaos, and we didn’t forget to enjoy the beautiful geysers and waterfalls.

Happy times are always short. After two nights camping in Yellowstone, we finally have to say goodbye to it. However, it didn’t mean the rest of the day was bad. We were soon welcomed by the mighty mountain of the Great Teton. Even though we had some gusty wind in the afternoon, biking right in front of the Great Teton was such a sweet experience. All the clouds were piled on the other side of the Tetons while sunshine sprinkled on us.

It was a long day of riding and we harvested not only fun but also donations and portraits.

A huge thanks to our stayover, First Baptist Jackson, for welcoming us into their church! It was beautiful. We also would like to thank Heather’s family members (Dana Norris and Maureen Blackb urn) for funding a delicious food donation of pizza, salad and breadsticks! After a long day on the road, a great meal and awesome stayover was much needed.

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