Feelin’ Hot, Hot, HOT!

This morning, we set out on a 74 mile ride from Wells, Nevada into Carlin, Nevada. We knew it would be a hot one, so we made sure to keep as hydrated as possible. We drank lots of water and even made up some fun water games to pass the time and keep hydrated along I-80. The 25 gallons in the van were just enough to keep us going, but we made it!

We are really excited to be staying at the First United Methodist Church in Carlin, NV. Our host, Monique, was gracious enough to invite us into her house for nice, refreshing showers. She even left us breakfast for tomorrow morning. We are truly thankful for her hospitality.

Tomorrow, we will be waking up early to set out on a century ride through Nevada. We know it will be tough, but we know we can do it. The reality check of having only 11 ride days left is setting in, but knowing that is helping us make the most of our rides.

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