Coast to Coast

With a cloudy and brisk start to the morning, we quickly realized the central California coast is far from the oft romanticized sun-kissed shores of So Cal. Once we had layered up with plenty of warmer clothes, we hit the road. After getting out of Napa Valley, it was back into the winding, wooded hills. We spent the morning climbing into the foggy mist and rapidly coming down a steep grade on the other side into some smaller rolling hills as the fog of the morning slowly burned off.  After some bike paths and lunch at a Mexican grocery store, we soon came to the famed California Highway 1, Bodega Bay and the nearby beaches of the Pacific Ocean. It seems like only yesterday we were stopped on the shores of New Jersey, staring into the churning waters of the Atlantic several thousand miles away. By nightfall the tents were up and we hunkered down to dine around the fire, once again facing the brisk shoreline summer temperatures blowing off the ocean at the Bodega Dunes Campground.

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