Celebrating America on the Road

This morning, we left Newcastle, WY on an 80 mile ride, destination Gillette, Wyoming. The ride was certainly a lot less hilly than our previous day. It was relaxing and allowed for great conversations amongst our team of all girls. We kept breaks short and enjoyed our time on the road, seeing so many cyclists decked out in red, white, and blue. We spent most of the day hoping to run into a thrift store, where we could purchase some stars and stripes apparel – no luck there.

We arrived at First United Methodist Church in Gillette, WY to a crowd of parishioners awaiting our arrival. It was great to have the chance to sit and talk to the people of the church. They made us a most memorable dinner of grilled vegetables, pasta salad, burgers, hot dogs, and every kind of patriotic American food imaginable. The food and company certainly made for a memorable Fourth of July.

The best part of my night was definitely taking time away to talk to my family in New York and Michigan. Fourth of July has always been a family holiday for me, so for the first time on the trip, I truly felt homesick. Talking to my parents, sister, cousins, grandpa, and aunts truly made me feel right at home. I cannot wait to see everyone come August.

I ended the night awaiting the firework show of Gillette, WY. However, the firework show was more of a lightning show over the hills because of the coming thunderstorm. It was amazing waiting for the rain and watching fireworks and lightning light up the sky.

I am so much more thankful and appreciative of the country as I have seen it from the road and met so many people along the way. We sang “Proud to be an American” as we rode today, and I am definitely more proud to be an American after seeing so much of this country this summer. So tonight, I am looking forward to falling asleep to the rain, sleeping in a little bit, and a day off driving the van tomorrow.


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