Bison, Geysers, Lakes, and Mountains!

The Yellowstone event day started slowly, despite great anticipation, due to the brisk morning. We started a fire to warm up while eating cereal and discussing the day’s activities. Some members decided to check out Old Faithful, others celebrated Heather Norris’ 22nd birthday with a hike and picnic, and a few took the day to relax and catch up on journals or bike maintenance.

Those who checked out Old Faithful caught a ride from the campground to see the natural geyser. Along the way, they discovered that the driver’s wife died of breast cancer 3 years prior, and talked about what our organization is doing. Tomorrow we will dedicate our ride to the memory of LaDine.

For those who went hiking, the day consisted of slowly ascending the mountain overlooking Yellowstone Lake. On the way up, they met some other people making their way across the country, and got a few pictures in front of the scenic overlook. A feast of a picnic was had on the shore of the lake before heading back to the campground for a team meeting.

After recapping the past and upcoming weeks, we retired early in anticipation of the next day’s 95 mile ride out of the park.


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