Bikes, Bibs, and Braaaaiiiins….

Early wakeup. Those two words that you dread hearing the night before a 100+ mile day. As soon as you hear it, your mind begins racing and you ask yourself: “If I fell asleep at this exact moment, how many hours of sleep would I get?” Usually, the answer ain’t pretty. The great food, showers, and atmosphere that Good Shepherd Lutheran Church provided will never be forgotten, but most of us would like to forget the exact moment when our alarms woke us up into a zombie-like state. Fortunately, we were fed a hearty breakfast and with a hearty helping of Chuck Norris facts during our morning Mosher, we were off into the great valley that we had descended into not 12 hours earlier. The wind came from the NNW, but because of the funneling ability of the valley, we fought headwinds for the first 30 miles. I’d venture to believe that nothing is harder than headwinds. One of our rider’s even said that she’d rather climb the Big Horn Mountain again.

Once the headwinds finally subsided we made great time for the rest of the day after briefly taking shelter in a Burger King as a hailstorm passed over our heads. Now, most of us are fans of camping, but maybe just not after a 106 mile day. Luckily, the weather continued to cooperate and we were able to stay dry throughout the day and night. We’re only one day away from a much needed rest day. Onward.

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