I4K Runs on 5 Cent Wall Drug Coffee!

Today’s ride was a comparatively short distance of 55 miles from Wall, SD to Rapid City, SD, but we had several interesting things on the way. We dropped by Wall Drug to have several cups of 5 cents coffee and awesome homemade donuts, which made us completely awake. We also rode on Interstate 90 for the first time. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that busy, and we enjoyed biking on one of the largest highways. Also, we bumped into another cross-country bike group. They are a group of 8 high school students cycling to raise funds for Ride 2 Recovery, which is an organization that helps returning soldiers with post traumatic stress disorder. They are doing things differently from us by biking from the west coast to the  east coast. Today’s weather was great with no headwinds. Everyone raced to the stayover to prepare for the prom tonight…Yes,we have an I4K prom tonight! We had an awesome dinner of sloppy joe’s provided by our wonderful hosts, the Open Bible Christian Center. After 9 days of cycling, we are ready for the event day tomorrow!

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