Windmills in the West

After a relaxing day in Rochester MN, team 2013 headed out in the rain today towards Albert Lea. Fortunately, we didn’t have any thunder today, which didn’t put any danger on cycling. The gusty wind and heavy rain did not stop the team from heaving a good time. We were able to stop at a local gas station. Coffee gave us more energy and we also talked with a few local residents. Now that we are leaving the dense population behind, the team looks for any chance to spread the goal of fighting cancer.

The wind continued the whole day, but the heavy rain and gloomy cloud eventually moved away. The golden sunshine, giant wind mills, and rolling hills made the afternoon so much more scenic and enjoyable. The country roads in Minnesota remind us that we are leaving the busy cities and riding towards more sparsely populated areas. Unlike the traffic in the east coast, we barely need to call out for the traffic. The open landscape allows us to ride side by side and talk as we ride. We are all excited about the freedom and adventure in the west.


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