We keep on moving along

Its really interesting to consider the task we’re trying to accomplish. The mental, physical, and emotional challenges pile up everyday and every morning you just have to roll out of your sleeping bag and keep on moving along. I know there have been days where you just don’t know whether you’ll be able to balance on your bike let alone climb against headwinds for miles at a time. But, I know we can endure. For all the uphills, sunburned skin, and aching muscles we can take it. In the middle of what might have been the most physically daunting task I’ve ever attempted in my 22 years, I reached an epiphany. (Bear at mind at this point, we were 60 miles through a ride in 90 degree heat where your mind grasps for any sort of mental distraction). I’ve spent that last 4 years of undergrad trying to take all the necessary steps to become a physician. Plus, I’ve been slowly piecing together my reasons for wanting to become a doctor. I realized that climbing that mountain was just like being a doctor. You’re working long, selfless hours in stressful conditions, with little sleep, interacting with a a variety of people and you’re just trying to endure and convince yourself that your training will help you get through the next hurdle.

I think a lot of people aren’t in touch with their limits or how far you can push yourself, but on that blistering hot side of the mountain, I found out a lot about myself and my teammates. We keep on moving along. I learned why my physical and mental limits were that day and knowing those are invaluable tools in the medical field. They’ll allow me to push myself to the best of my ability. I know once I finish I4K I will have a wealth of extremely tangible experience to apply to all walks of life.

We head to West Virginia tomorrow and if I fall asleep right this second I will have less than 7 hours of sleep, but that’s okay because we keep on moving along.

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