Tailwinds from Chicago

I spent the past 25 days counting down the miles until reaching my home city of Chicago. It came down to about 1,200 miles between New York City and Chicago – where family, friends, familiarity, and best of all, flat lands awaited. I’ve seen NYC, DC, Philly, and many other cities, but nothing compared to the feeling I had while riding along the lakeshore looking northward on the picturesque skyline of Chicago. I am so fortunate to call this place my home.

It was great to be home and to see family and friends. Talking with people really reinforced why I am taking this journey across the country. I am humbled by all of the love and support I have received, and this is what will carry me forward. My time in Chicago, the people who went out of their way to see me or to be at Millennium Park for my arrival or at the the picnic will be the force behind my pedal strokes.

Thank you to everyone on the SRM leadership team at Aon for coming to support me as I rolled into your backyard, Millennium Park. Your support means a great deal to me.

Thank you, especially to Kimi, Karen, and Kathi and Mary Keller, who have been my biggest cheerleaders!! Thanks Kimi for riding with me into Chicago – it truly meant so much to me!

Thanks Gina Althoff for your endless support and for riding alongside me last week through Chicago. You continue to teach me so much on and off the road and I would never be where I am today if it weren’t for you … that said only because you are the one who taught me how to properly use my gears.

My city, the Windy City, and all of my supporters there (as well as everywhere) will be my constant tailwind pushing me across this country, and I will be forever grateful.


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  • Jodi Eisenberg says:

    Dear Sarah….thanks for the update. Know that we love ou and we are so proud of you. Not only were you counting but I was too. Now I’m counting again the days till you return to Chicago. But more importantly I’m hoping that during this trip you will be less focused on the count till the end amid more focused on stopping to smell the roses, the grasslands, etc. Enjoy the present. So many of us are so focused on getting somewhere, achieving success in something, the next best thing…learn to take in the moments. Your Grandmothers certainly taught you that not only throughout their life but in their last days. Laugh more, love more, live more! Fr tonight….God bless you, I love you, Goodnight!



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