Seeing things slowly

Greetings from South Dakota!!!! I cannot believe we have already made it this far and are nearly halfway done with our journey. This is our fourteenth state we have biked in, which blows my mind.

One of the things I’ve been loving so much is the fact that while traveling on bicycle, everything is slower. If there is a little shop you’d love to stop in or an interesting road sign, pulling off to check it out or snap a picture is so easy. You also have the chance to actually notice these things. In cars, we’re so limited and so fast. There’s not enough time to fully take in everything around you. On a bike, it’s different. And I love that.

Two days ago, the ride into Jackson, Minnesota, was one of the most eventful days yet! In the morning, the whole team stopped at a gas station. One of the riders was speaking with a local, and we ended up getting interviewed for the radio! They interviewed people in pairs and are going to broadcast different bits every day for about a week!

Next we stopped at a huge statue of the Jolly Green Giant! (Think green beans and corn niblets)

After snapping some pictures, we were chatting with the lady inside the visitors center. She shared with us that her husband had died of cancer, and agreed to do a portrait. Wow! It was an amazing story.
Later that day we stopped at Bicycle Shoppe, a great bike store in Fairmount, MN. The owner recognized our group from previous years and was so welcoming! He bought us all tacos (delicious!) and even let us take out his canoe. Only a few of us actually took him up on it, but Jacqueline and I had an amazing time. We also conducted a portrait there and we’re interviewed for a local paper!

We ended up getting into the stayover much later than normal, but everything during the day was worth it! I’ll try my best to keep up with posts regarding updates everything in South Dakota!

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  • Jeanette Schneider says:

    I just wanted you and all the other persons who have blogged on this site to know how much we enjoy EVERYONE’S blogs! It keeps us informed of many of the things that happen along your route, and your enthusiasm is contagious. Please continue to blog here, even if it is just a few lines about what happened during that day. It is hard to believe you are half way to your destination already! Keep safe, but enjoy the ride.

  • Mom says:

    Looking at life and parts of the country more slowly is a great gift. Enjoy and keep safe.

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