Relaxin’ in Rochester

This morning, most of us woke up and felt so refreshed since we were able to sleep in a bit! Afterwards, a couple of the team members went to the Farmer’s Market to get supplies for breakfast and got to meet some of the people of Rochester and talk about our organization and the objectives of the Illini 4000. Some of our riders went to the Golden Harvest Bread Company and received several loaves of fresh bread and trail mix as food donations! The rest of the day was used to mostly relax and get some bike work in before the ride tomorrow, which was greatly needed. When dinnertime rolled around, we were so lucky to already have a Mexican themed dinner prepared by some of the woman of the Zumbo Lutheran Church! Before we sat down to ate, everyone shared with the rest of the group how they have been affected by cancer, which served as a reminder for what we were doing the ride for. Overall, it was a wonderful day spent in Rochester and we were so fortunate to also meet some special people.


Once again, we thank the Zumbro Lutheran Church and the Golden Harvest Bread Company for the wonderful food.

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