Rain and Bowling Lanes

This morning, the team started the day with custom made omelets graciously provided by Westwood Baptist Church in Zanesville, OH. One of the pastors, Mark Ballmer, shared with us some history of Zanesville, the church, and his own personal experiences with cycling for charity. The team has finally made it through the difficult Appalachians and excited for the familiarity of the midwest. Today’s ride was a shorter ride of 57 miles, but intermittent rains made the day more difficult than expected. While stopping to use restrooms though, some of the team members were lucky enough to be given some free coffee to warm up before continuing on with the rest of the ride. Despite the weather, the team pushed on through and made it safely to Columbus, Ohio. With an event day tomorrow, the team is looking forward to exploring the town and spending a little time off the bike. Some of the team spent their night bowling a few games at a local bowling alley. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has to offer!

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