Now We’re Cruisin’

The good times are here. The Appalachian Mountains are done with, the flat lands of the Midwest are here. I feel like at this point we are all biking towards Champaign, Urbana and Chicago. I am heading towards San Francisco, but I am more focused on curing this home-sickness in a few days.

With all of the directors and riders telling me some of the hardest days of the trip are passed, I am excited on climbing less mountains and I’m ready to meet new people that will remind me as to why I am riding.

One thing that I’ve found very moving is the generosity of our stay over hosts. Biking across the country is hard, and we are doing it for a good cause, but never had I expected to be fed, showered, and essentially pampered by so many generous souls. I have 21 team mates, but every day I feel like I have more and more in different cities. People donate time, food, and money to us, and quite often all three.

Debbie at "The Market" right outside of Pittsburg with some team mates.

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